luni, 7 mai 2012

People can never hide their deepest emotions

In this day and age, people get more emotionally involved in their problems than they used to get before. Those who don’t talk about their feeling with friends or family don’t have the faintest idea of how much harm they do to themselves.

Hiding emotions is something familiar to me. A year ago, I found out that my dad was diagnosed with cancer.This came out of the blue,and none of us were expecting it.When I think about those months,I realize they were the hardest of my life.Until accepting the reality,I kept my family problems for myself for quite a long time.Whenever crossed my mind,it made me cry,not to mention that seeing my dad getting sicker and sicker seemed something unreal.

How I was feeling?Well,this is hard to explain in words.All I can remember is that pain reached a new level for me.I was feeling weary all the time and the vivacious person inside me disappeared.One day I felt like I couldn’t continue like that because I was hurting myself and I wasn’t able to enjoy the last moments with my dad.I started talking with some of my friends and teachers,and it was a relief to me.Though I was still lethargic,knowing that people were there for me was comforting

It’s been a year since my father passed away and I want to believe that I’m again a girl that always wears a smile on her face.I got here with the help of those around me.The fact that I opened my heart in front of them was a real help for me.As one can see from my experience,it’s really important not to keep your feelings to yourself.

ps:una bucata writing pentru ora de engleza.Am primit un A de la profesor.Da,da,sunt mandra de mine.Finalul..ei bine,finalul va fi adevarat in curand.

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