marți, 14 iunie 2011

Leapsa #3

Am primit de la Nymphetamine o leapsa,mi-a dat de lucru ce'i drept.Deci,eu prin cantecele lor:

Are you a male or female? -  Woman
Describe Yourself - Irreplaceable
How do you feel? - We are golden
Describe where you currently live - Somewhere over the rainbow
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - Vama Veche
Your favorite form of transportation - Fast car
Your best friend? - Andreea
You and your best friend are - Hot N Cold
What's the weather like? - Sunrise avenue
Favorite time of day -Her morning elegance
If your life was a TV show what would it be called? -Same mistake
What is life to you? - Shiver
Your relationship - Single ladies
Your fear - Wind of change
What is the best advice you have to give? - Love is you
Thought for the day -Just can't get enough
My motto - Save the best for last


Name of your favourite color, song, dessert:
Culoare : Blue
Melodie :For the moment.. Alexandrina Hristov-Printre flori
Desert : tiramisu
What is pissing you off: Lies
When you're upset , u...: sleep
Your favourite pet: cats
Black or white: black
Your best feature is : initiative
Everyday attitude: not always the same,always changing
What is perfection: considering the fact that nobody knos this,i believe i shouldn't have been asked
Guilty pleasure: Some books.Won't name them(but it's not Sandra Brown:)) )

Iulia  ssi Irra leapsa merge la voi! Stiu ca ascultati muzica buna si abia astept un playlist nou:)ong, dessert:

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foarte bune gusturi in materie de muzica :)

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